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Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services

Extending Monolog

Monolog is fully extensible, allowing you to adapt your logger to your needs.

Understanding log records

See the page about log records to learn what makes up a log record before going further. This is essential to understand as all Handlers/Formatters/Processors need to deal with log records in one way or another.

Writing your own handler

Monolog provides many built-in handlers. But if the one you need does not exist, you can write it and use it in your logger. The only requirement is to implement Monolog\Handler\HandlerInterface.

Let’s write a PDOHandler to log records to a database. We will extend the abstract class provided by Monolog to keep things DRY.


use Monolog\Level;
use Monolog\Logger;
use Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler;

class PDOHandler extends AbstractProcessingHandler
    private bool $initialized = false;
    private PDO $pdo;
    private PDOStatement $statement;

    public function __construct(PDO $pdo, int|string|Level $level = Level::Debug, bool $bubble = true)
        $this->pdo = $pdo;
        parent::__construct($level, $bubble);

    protected function write(LogRecord $record): void
        if (!$this->initialized) {

            'channel' => $record->channel,
            'level' => $record->level,
            'message' => $record->formatted,
            'time' => $record->datetime->format('U'),

    private function initialize()
            'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS monolog '
            .'(channel VARCHAR(255), level INTEGER, message LONGTEXT, time INTEGER UNSIGNED)'
        $this->statement = $this->pdo->prepare(
            'INSERT INTO monolog (channel, level, message, time) VALUES (:channel, :level, :message, :time)'

        $this->initialized = true;

You can now use this handler in your logger:


$logger->pushHandler(new PDOHandler(new PDO('sqlite:logs.sqlite')));

// You can now use your logger
$logger->info('My logger is now ready');

The Monolog\Handler\AbstractProcessingHandler class provides most of the logic needed for the handler, including the use of processors and the formatting of the record (which is why we use $record->formatted instead of $record->message).

Utility classes